Tribeca Film Festival Cinema Promo 2019. British Accent

Air Wick Commercial National Campaign for 2017. First product release. American Accent.

Airwick Essential Mist Commercial. 2nd Product Release 2018. American Accent

Pantone Industrial. British Accent.

Pantone Industrial 2. British accent (bright tone)

The Jacx. American / International accent

TED Talk Health Video. American Accent.

Humatics Corporate Promo. British accent

Backstage Magazine Industrial. British Accent and American accent.

Social Media Campaign Video. American accent

S&P Global Industrial. International accent.

YSC Industrial. British accent.

Xaxis Animation Explainer Video. British Accent

Super Wings (Netflix). Greek Accent Animation

Greek Animation Dubbing Reel (Disney, Dreamworks). Greek Language


CLient list

BBC America (Killing Eve), Sound United, Nestle, Air Wick, Backstage, Amulet Publishing, BP, Tena, Citi, United Nations, Pantone, Astellas, TED MED, SAP Global, Equinox Gym, Disney, Dreamworks, Mattel, Bloomberg Radio UK, Vagisil UK, Facebook VOIP, Talking Statues NYC Parks, Sprout Network SuperWings Animation, Travelers UK, S&P Global, YSC, Roomba, Web MD, Super Wings, My Mani Nails, American Greetings, Humatics, Inscape Meditation App, Actelion, Steris, Ectrim, Wall Street English, TOEIC Korea, Spoken Layer, RingCaptcha, Audio Learn Philosophy Audio Books, Lexus Radio, The Jacx