Angelides’ seductive, dreamily-flowing voice sets the song apart. It’s a voice that discharges psychic auras of electrical hues, forceful yet palpably elegant and polished, like an implacable force brooding over an enigmatic objective. It’s a superb vocal instrument, exciting pangs of romantic envy, lucid exposition and a raffish sonic heedlessness that’s spectacular.
— Huffington Post


NEWS 2017

12.22.2017 Just a few days before Xmas we have CHRISTMAS IN HELL, a musical comedy by Gary Apple, staged reading. I got to narrate my b*lls off ;-) Directed by co-Brit Richard Crawford and MD Logan Medland.

12.18.2017 I have had the pleasure to be involved in the development of a new musical SAMA, for nearly 2 years now, written by TJ Armand and today a demo of one of the songs was released.

12.16.2017 LEZ ZEPPELIN and A WHOLE LOTTA STRINGS completes a gig run of December at FTC Warehouse. New album in the works as well. 

Small sample of DAZED and CONFUSED from The Cutting Room 12.13.2017

12.01.2017 My Prog / Alt Metal Project releases debut album 'Coalesce'. Premiere on Metal Nexus

"Greek/Cypriot/British singer Marlain Angelides absolutely kills it by melding her serenading and melodious clean vocals with the band’s heavy and chuggy music"

So proud, and exhausted and nervous. My singer/songwriter self wants to jump for joy. Find the music here.

11.30.2017 Alaska, Detroit, Portland,Pittsburgh, Vermont, Annapolis..touring with the Lez Zeppelin gals...Rockin stages and selling out venues. 

10.30.2017 On set with a great team playing a 'mysterious intruder on a mission'. Short film by Benjamin Orifici out in 2018.

Marlain Angelides and Benjamin Orifici

10.2017 VOICEOVER Booking ALERTS! Pantone Colour, TED MED, ENGIE, Roomba Demo to name a few. See some of this work here.

10.04.2017 'Cannonball' Official Lyric Video by Ascending Dawn premieres on top metal blog Metal Injection. Couple that with a great little review!

"...a track mixed with fierce prog riffage and majestic melodies from the beautiful voice of vocalist, Marlain Angelides..."

Hear and see the video here

Marlain Angelides of Ascending Dawn

09.2017 My prog-style, alt, metal project Ascending Dawn gears up its promo campaign for release of debut album 'Coalesce'. Already there have been features in Alternative Press, World Arts News, and Alt Dialogue plus more with a premiere coming out 10/4 on Metal Injection.   

Marlain Angelides, Ascending Dawn

08.16.2017 Late Summer mini TOUR with Lez Zeppelin hitting some awesome new venues. Massive culture shock from being on the Greek Islands but what a blast! Especially when it kicked off in an unfamiliar but so warm environment surrounded by well, wonderful nerds!!! Lets see I might write a blog about this...see video with excerpts below! Photo Gallery contains photos by Gen Con, Nicci Nyxi Stix, John Huntington...always grateful!!!

07.17 Off to European Capital of Culture Festival Paphos 2017 for the #devisedtheater piece The Truth About Venus. An amazing mind blowing experience!

Marlain Angelides in The Truth About Venus

Marlain Angelides in Lez Zeppelin at Highline Ballroom June 2017

06.23.2017 Highline Ballroom NYC 'Lez Zeppelin plays the HITS' show was a blast!

05.26.2017 Presenting an excerpt of Mario Fratti's (writer of 'Nine') play BROOKLYN at the Lower Eastside Festival at Theater For the New City, with actor/director Stephan Morrow. Photo taken backstage and out of costume, the character is chaste, and against type. Full AEA production in Octo.

Marlain Angelides and Stephan Morrow in Brooklyn

05.09.2017 Rocking the staged reading of a new rock musical by Peppy Castro and June Rachel Ospa with a bunch of super folks to some heavy hitters including Live Nation. Lets see where this may go.... 

Marlain Angelides in Rocking the Planet

05.07.2017 On set for a true crime docuseries for Investigation Discovery Channel with Red Marble Media Productions. My 'white trash' returns early 2018 air date....

Marlain Angelides in Grave Secrets 2

05.2017 Lez Zeppelin gigs tours live on...Photos by the award winning Pat Benic.


04.16.17 Spent my Easter Sunday on the set of FANGIRL, a web series with a fantastically talented crew from NYU... I got to play a neurotic British publicist with some serious tricks up her sleeve. Vampy craziness in one. And guess what I got to wear?

04.10.17 Interview! Out in the performers bible BACKSTAGE. Talks about how I got cast in their VO Promo and Lez Zeppelin. Plus advice on my transition to the US from UK professional life. And the VO is here!

04.08.17 Just finished shooting a short with a wonderful crew from SVA. A film by Dominik Czaczyk called RAINBOW RIVER. I play an Accountant who discovers her husband's truth too late.

Marlain Angelides on set of Rainbow River

03.30.17 - 04.01.17 LEZ Zeppelin mini New England Tour. Portland, New Hampshire and Boston in snow. What crowds though!!!!

Marlain Angelides with Lez Zeppelin

03.20.2017 Voice Over alert! AIR WICK National Campaign has released its first product Freshmatic with my American Accent. 

03.19.17 On set with the film ONE WAY directed and written by the amazing Celine James and starring Alana Masterson, Stephen Gleason and Marlain Angelides. What a super pro team and great set of actors. When you play an upscale wife oblivious to her fate... Backstage wrapped cast and production shots by Emily Lipson!

Marlain Angelides as Mrs Fitzgerald in ONE WAY
Marlain Angelides as Mrs Fitzgerald in ONE WAY

03.08.17 World renowned venue IRIDIUM hosted Lez Zeppelin and Jennifer Batten (Guitarist for Jeff Beck and Michael Jackson) for two nights. What a ride. Photos by Jim Bellmont and Jeff Smith.

Marlain Angelides in Lez Zeppelin
Marlain Angelides with Lez Zeppelin and Jennifer Batten

03.05.2017 On set for a short film called MOTEL, with some great new talent. Directed by Alexander Mejia.

Marlain Angelides in MOTEL
Marlain Angelides in 'Motel'

01.20.17 SHE ROCKS Awards at NAMM Convention center debuting our Lez Zeppelin version of 'The Lemon Song' with guest guitarist Yasi Hofer. With star studded guests and honourees it was pretty amazing!

Marlain Angelides with Steph Paynes, Lez Zeppelin and Yasi Hofer
Marlain Angelides with Lez Zeppelin on She Rocks red carpet
Marlain Angelides with Lez Zeppelin on she Rocks stage

01.16.17 Debut at Joe's Pub, Public Theater. What a rush to be a part of this space, alongside Tony nominees and Broadway vets. Truly an honour. Thank you, SAMA: An American Requiem and Armand & Paiva.

Marlain Angelides at Joe's Pub