VOICEOVER: First Female Promo VO on BBC America

My VO career seems to be growing. Edgy, sultry, dramatic, worldly, conversational. Bring it on. 

Always a pleasure to work with different clients, especially when they ask to go experimental with the accent. Bookings for Sound United, The Jacx, Nestle and now on the AMC network as the voice promoting the New Series  'Killing Eve' on BBC America. I don't think they knew what a huge fan of their dramas I am! FIRST FEMALE Promo VO on BBC America... I was very surprised to hear this and both excited and upset that this was the case...nevertheless, I am happy to be breaking in for the female VO now.

I am taking this all as a compliment. And yet...

A few days after the first batch of "Killing Eve" promos were done, I went in again thinking it would be for another round, and I met a new producer...for a massive new event series for 2018... !!!! 

I am holding my breath...

AND a big thank you to Ryan Hedlund over at CESD Talent for the opportunity!